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The Regional Tournaments for the “Female Foreign Students’ Japanese Speech Contest” are going to be held in 31 cities throughout Japan from June to July 2022. We are looking for participants of the tournaments.

This speech contest aims to support foreign students studying at universities in Japan. The contestants decide their themes of speeches from four designated themes: “My aspirations”, “My study abroad life in Japan”, “My country and Japan”, or “What I can do for world peace”. After preparing the speech and practicing it, contestants give their final speeches in Japanese in front of an audience.


This speech contest provides 3 outcomes for foreign students. First, it gives the contestants a chance to hone and practice their Japanese language skills by writing a draft speech, reading the speech and listening to the contestants’ speeches. Second, students receive opportunities to interact with Japanese people and other foreign students. The members of WFWP Japan, as well as university professors, check the student’s draft speeches and help them with Japanese pronunciation practice before the event. The foreign students are also able to meet participants from other universities through this event. Third, they have the opportunity to win scholarships as a prize for the contest. This financial support is especially helpful for foreign students from Asia, who have to pay high tuition fees.


WFWP Japan hosts this speech contest once a year. Last year, a total of 160 contestants from 28 regions participated. In addition, a total of 1,500 people participated as part of the audience. 

Many foreign students studying in Japan were facing difficulties due to COVID-19. Many students lost their part-time jobs and felt isolated once classes were being taught virtually. WFWP Japan had a strong desire to support these foreign students economically and mentally through this event. The members of the audience were also moved by the students’ speeches and offered to support.

WFWP Japan strives to achieve world peace in many different ways, but this event specifically helps this mission by supporting foreign students who will become a bridge between Japan and other countries.

Participants of the national competition: Students from Indonesia, Vietnam, China, Myanmar, Korea, Madagascar, Uganda.

Among the participants, eight participants will be advancing to the national competition which will be held in October 2022.

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